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O- The Oprah Magazine

Caitlin Keating
PEOPLE Magazine


Oprah named this story in her O -The Oprah Magazine's Anniversary special one of the top 10 stories of  her first 10 years. She called it; "The Story that was just the Beginning." 

"I usually never write to people I see on television programs, but I was so moved tonight by Susan Ring that I had to get in touch. Susan Ring is a hero. I admire her integrity, personal sacrifice and commitment to the children she was carrying. Susan's dedication to ensuring the best possible quality of life for her gestational twins is truly inspirational. Hats off to Susan and her sons for going the extra mile for those babies - - and SHAME on the biological father in particular for walking away so coldly." 

"The intended parents divorced and couldn't afford to keep the babies. Susan took responsibility and cared for them."

S.Francesha PBS

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In The Press



I'm an author, writer of words, always trying to find new ways to write, touch and connect to the hearts and souls of people.

My passion for writing dates back to third grade. It came blaring back into reality when I finally stopped dreaming and started doing in 2015. I had no idea what I was in for with the huge learning process that turned into my first three books, then six, nine and so on! 


After the birth of my two sons in the 90's, and becoming a single mother, I decided to become a surrogate mother. I loved being a surrogate so much, I gave birth to eight babies for five other families. Time flew by, and so did a decade of being pregnant. It was time for me to give deep thought to the future chapters of my life. A few months later, with a little intention sprinkled with magic, I met and married the love of my life. In 2013, I gave birth to our daughter at fifty-two.


The paths I've chosen in my life haven't always been easy to take. Although unique, they were quite bumpy, unpaved roads leading me to where I am today. The challenges of my choices brought a lot of uncertain changes. Consequently, all of the difficult lessons I learned during the dark and murky times were the ones I eventually discovered the light of self-awareness. Which really means I took self-responsibility for everything in my life. I found a way to carve a path for light in my life and birthed a whole new existence for myself. 

I found writing again by going back and remembering what I loved as a child. I was lit up by writing stories, poems and creative stories. Words became a way for me to find my place and understanding in the world. Remember when you were a kid? You did things because you were curious, led by excitement. If it was fun, you just did it! 

Today, as a writer, I strive to create strong female characters with deep and authentic voices that evoke emotion, and strength of the human condition. When I create stories, they are stories I love to read and hope you do too. 

I live in Southern California with my husband, daughter, and very interactive cat. My two older boys have flown the nest and are off on their own. Paul, my husband and I have created a second family. I get to do it all over again with a partner!

Everyone has a story and by sharing our stories it helps us feel less alone. I am humbled you are reading my story, and I'm grateful you visited. Please leave your name and email if you'd like to sign up for my newsletter.


I'd love to hear your story too!  

Woman at the Beach

About Me...

Most days and nights, I'd rather live outside than inside.

I'm a great lover of water in any form, and if I knew how to grow a mermaid tail, I'd do it in a heartbeat!

I believe in change, magic, love, and being vulnerable. They are superpowers!

I can't get enough of nature. I find life in every leaf, flower, insect, mountain and well, anything outside. The life giver of all is the ocean. 

I'm a simple dream lover and hopeless creative romantic who loves coffee with vanilla creamer every morning, and some afternoons. 

The universe and the cosmos amaze me. I'm a star and cloud gazer who could be entertained for hours making different shapes

I crave science on the cutting-edge stuff. 

I have an insatiable love for reading.

I'm a natural non-conformist.

I get really excited when I learn anything new that stirs my curious imagination. 

I love to rearrange furniture, ask my family!

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